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Home Resources - 5 Critical Things Your Furnace Needs During A Tune Up

Furnace maintenance is a very important necessity for many homeowners.  The idea of tuning up your furnace will not only make it work efficiently, but will also go a long way in maintaining safety. There are a number of things that an HVAC technician should check in furnace tune up. Without much ado, here is an overview of some of critical things an HVAC technician should check for a furnace tune-up: 

The Flame Baffle

The flame baffle is simply designed to evenly spread the flame across the heat exchanger length. In most cases, if the baffle is not aligned properly or it's cluttered with rust and dust,  it can disproportionately spread the flames which in turn will create undesired hot points in the heat exchanger.

The Gas Input

Sometimes the gas input may record some fluctuating changes in pressure and this is something that must be regulated at all times. In that case, checking the input is a great way to tune up your furnace. Additionally, it is important for HVAC technicians to also inspect the gas valve and make sure there are no signs of leaks and corrosion.

The Combustion Chamber

The primary aim of checking the combustion chamber is to basically make sure that Carbon monoxide is not released into the house. The chamber must be able to burn efficiently and technicians should make sure that soot, deformity, or any other thing that may limit the efficiency of the chamber is removed.

The Air Filtration System

Modern heating systems use a wide variety of filters. However, regardless of the filter in use, if it's dirty, it can limit the airflow in the heat exchanger which will result to insufficient home heating. Additionally, dirty filtration systems can damage the furnace leading to very expensive repairs.

The Blower Motor

Finally, it is also important for HVAC technicians to check the Blower motor. The motor should be clean and aligned properly to ensure proper airflow at all times. Tuning up a furnace is very important in increasing its efficiency, so call your local HVAC experts!

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